MH Studio

Hi! My name is Marcela Hristescu,
the photographer of MH Studio.

The portfolio on display says what you need to know about my photographic skills, so I will just drop a few lines about myself.

I have been passionate about photography since, as a kid, I developed black and white photographs with my dad in our little apartment in the communist Romania of the 1980s.

I did try my best to stay away from a photographer career, a field viewed as suitable only for men back then. So I studied law, then Romanian and English literature at the University of Bucharest. My first job was translating for Price Waterhouse Coopers and then I moved to the import-export department of a Romanian beverages producer, followed by a position in the events and marketing department of a Romanian group of companies.

Photography, a time consuming personal hobby during those years, was patiently waiting for me to finally make up my mind. And I did, 14 years ago, leaving my corporate career behind and immersing myself into the one field that has always been my passion: studio photography. After graduating a specialized European level course and after a considerable investment in the best professional equipment available, I opened the gates one beautiful sunny winter day.

The portfolio grew over the years, including various corporate and private clients, with a wide array of photography subjects: product photography, portraits and fashion, then expanding to corporate events. Some of my clients were interested in learning more, so I organized a few series of introductory photography courses, both for groups and individuals passionate about photography.

It has been an amazing journey so far, and I am looking forward to even more interesting and challenging projects ahead.

See you at the studio!

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